Iaspis Open Studios, September Sessions:

Iaspis, Konstnärsnämnden Stockholm, Fall 2023

Eight artists, an artist collective, and a choreographer and dancer opened up the doors to their studios, welcoming the public to take part of their work in progress. It will be a day of performances, readings, music, theatrical scenographies and conversations.

Also present was chef and designer Una Hallgrímsdóttir, who was invited to create a plant-based buffet for the guests. An edible table landscape using salt and sugar as a visual and sensory element as well as a focus point in the different food items. A spread of sweet and savory snacks, enjoyed throughout the event. The edible pieces hold a fragile balance between sugary and salty sensations on the tongue. 

Spatial Light Design: Jonathan Berglund. Curation: Victoria McCarthy and Emily Fahlén. Photographer: Jean-Baptiste Béranger

+ generous help in the kitchen from Xiaoyi (Aria) Shen.


Iaspis Open Studios / September Sessions 2023. Photos: Jean Baptiste Béranger