Return, Rebuild, Reconnect:

Iaspis, Konstnärsnämnden Stockholm, Spring 2022

Iaspis, the international program of Swedish arts grants comittee invites its residents, curators and cultural workers to reconnect during a curated spring dinner. The menu was designed with three words in mind, return, rebuild, reconnect. A three course dinner: a seed, the return to life - a sprout,  building the in between - and lastly a bloom, the flowering connector.

Sound intervention: Nadine and Tanya Byrne / Ectoplasm Girls. Curation: Victoria McCarthy. Dj: Beniwasta. Photographer: Aron Pelcman

+ generous help from Lena Malm, Valerio del Baglivo, Elmar Örn Gunnarsson, Iaspis team and waiters.

Iaspis Spring Dinner 2022. Photos: Aron Pelcman