2000m2: post_pavement 

Under Ekarna, Växjö MAT,  Fall 2022

Collective event design in collaboration with Leah Ireland, and cultural organisation Under Ekarna hosting the event.

A site specific dinner event building on the 2000m2 project. The portion of agricultural land that arithmetically we are entitled to, a theory that Leah and Under Ekarna explored site-spicifically in central Växjö. 

The five course dinner took the guests on a journey from the asphalt parking lot, reflecting on pavement and the impacted ecologies, through the prospects and history of farming on site. 

The guests were invited to map and reflect on the site and space in relation to amounts of arable land per person. For the fourth course guests were also invited to harvest parts of the dish themselves, from the gardens on site. 

Finishing the meal and experience with the hope of larger scale growing areas in place of the parking lot in the near future. 

Poster Design: Josefin Örtegren, Event communication: Hampus Persson. Thanks to all the wonderful volunteer helpers from the LNU Design Department for waiting tables, photography and helping in the kitchen. 


2000m2: post_pavement 2022. Photos: Leah Ireland, Hampus Persson, Mana Stahl